Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"That Word"

If you'd like to hear, or read, the unexpurgated version of "Banned author talks censorship for Banned Books Week" by Lindsey Peterson, KVNO News -- that's her interview of me -- go to:

I noticed that "That Word" had been expurgated in the edited version that hit the airwaves October 1, 2012.

I think it was expurgated because, when Ms. Peterson questioned me and I mentioned "That Word," she said:

"...even as we're talking and in a radio station it is kind of hard to talk about that. Because some of our listeners might be kind of taken aback by that."

Indeed. "That Word."

I used to say autoeroticism instead. It has such a nice academic ring, and almost no one knows what it means. Mark Twain preferred onanism, but since women don't spill seed, I stuck with autoeroticism. 

But lately I've been in a "call a spade a spade" mood when discussing my banned novel, MARCELLA. It's in such good company:

Song of Solomon. Huckleberry Finn. Alice in Wonderland. Diary of Anne Frank. Harry Potter. Little Red Riding Hood. Green Eggs & Ham. 

Plus dozens more, including many classics. Just take a look at the American Library Association list:


from:  a JoLt of CoFFeY 
 An Intermittent Newsletter
by Marilyn June Coffey
"BitterSweet Rebel"

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