Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My One-Step Diet

My One-Step Diet

I've found it, I've found it, the Wonderful Foolproof Diet you can start in an instant. Don't have to buy a superfood like Dr. Oz's Green Coffee Extract. Don't have to worry about calculating of your BMI (Body Mass Index) or your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). No drug/supplement regimen to follow.

Just one simple rule: "Don't Eat So Much."  (My diet is unrelated to Dr. Ted Shminky's The Just Don't Eat So Much Goddamn Food Diet Plan. I offer you no profanity or cute cartoons.)

Think of all the things you won't have to do:
  • weigh in at Weight Watchers
  • eat a raw food diet, or the cabbage diet, or the lemonade diet
  • worry about the 5 foods NEVER to eat
  • juggle a Balance Percentage Diet
  • ingest Fat Burning Hormones
  • consider 50 easy ways to lose weight
  • decide among 80 delicious menu options
  • sign up for adjustable gastric band surgery.

Of course, on my magical "Don't Eat So Much" Diet you have no guarantee that you'll lose 15 lbs in 4 weeks. Or even 1. 

I've been on it for a month now, and have lost and gained a pound, lost and gained a half pound, and in this way I've lost a total of 40 pounds (and only gained back 39. That's progress, isn't it?)

So just eat less. 

And let me know how you do.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bizarre Bedfellows

What do Orphan Trains and Marilyn Monroe have in common?

Writer Clark Kidder.

On the one hand, Kidder gives standing room only Power Point talks on the Orphan Trains and reads from his book, Emily's Story: The Brave Story of an Orphan Train Rider. Emily is his maternal grandmother. 

On the other hand, Kidder appraises Marilyn Monroe collectibles and has written Marilyn Monroe: Cover to Cover and Marilyn Memorabilia. 

An extensive collector of Monroe items, Kidder attended Monroe's 1999 estate sale at Christie's in New York, a two-day sale that brought in $13.4 million. "They literally had everything," Kinder says, "from pots and pans to her brassieres."

Clark Kidder the man lives in southern Wisconsin. He comes from a long line of Kidders going back to 1320 in England.

Read his illustrated article, "West by Orphan Train," in the Wisconsin Magazine of History at

Or Google him & Marilyn Monroe to see a batch of that performer's photos.