Tuesday, February 7, 2017


The next time you're in Concordia, Kansas, you'll want to make two stops: one at National Orphan Train Complex and the other at the Frank Carlson Library. 

In both cases you can meet Teresa Martin, an Orphan Train rider.

In the Complex, Teresa resides in the book store in the pages of Mail-Order Kid, which I wrote about her, and in the Complex's collection of photographs from that book.

But at the Library, Teresa comes to life in a statue that lounges outdoors near the Library's bay window. I know she's comfortable in her new home for she trained and worked as a librarian during her adult life. By the time you reach Concordia, the figure should be well-lit and you'll be able to walk down a path to the statue.

With the help of the Complex, four Orphan Train riders, including Teresa, have been memorialized as statues from the Randolph Rose Collection in Yonkers, N.Y. and placed in Concordia. Besides the Library, statues can be seen at LeDuc Memorial, Britt's Fountain and Gifts, and the Concordia American Legion.

For more information on these statues, contact 
Shaley George, curator, orphantraindepot@gmail.com 
National Orphan Train Complex 

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