Sunday, March 13, 2016

Belly Up

It's true what they say about pelicans, their mouths can hold more than their bellies can. 

It must be true; it's on the Internet. So I know that a pelican's stomach can hold no more than a gallon, but its bill can hold up to three gallons.

For other curious pelican matter, some symbolic and others dating to the 1600s, see

Why am I writing about pelicans?

Because it's spring (or almost) and cranes aren't the only birds skimming through the air.

So are pelicans. Migrating. Big ones. Up to 20 pounds with wings spreading up to 10 feet.

Where? Oh, I wish I were there. At the Harlan County Reservoir, south central Nebraska, right next to where I grew up in Alma.

The Harlan County Lake Association is offering free birding boat tours to see the pelicans during the last week of March.

Maybe I'll just up and go.

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