Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Tech Whiz

The Tech Whiz

I decided to upgrade, so I traded in my flip phone for a smart one. 

It was neat. It had a calendar I could use, and did. I liked its calculator and its stopwatch. 

Its camera never shot what I wanted it to shoot, and what it shot instead came in sideways, but that didn't surprise me. Cameras and I never got along.

However, I couldn't figure out how to use the phone.

I knew how to answer a call and how to hang up. But I couldn't figure out how to hear what the caller said.

That didn't matter much. The only person who ever called me on my cell was my chum Paco, and I usually knew why he was calling so I could answer what I thought he might have said. We carried on precariously like that.

Then one spring day striding into Caffeine Dreams, I passed a gal talking on her cell phone, and guess what. She held it to her ear.

To hold my phone to my ear had never occurred to me, it seemed so old fashioned. Besides which, I use my landline's speaker phone 100%, so I never put that phone to my ear. 

I could hardly wait to call Paco. I whipped my phone out, punched his face, and heard the ring.

"Paco," he said. I barely heard his familiar voice, so I plopped the phone on my ear.

"Say something!" I cried.


I heard his loud question just fine, so I replied, "Oh never mind." And hung up.

My phone's working just fine now. And I have only myself to thank, me, the Tech Whiz.

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