Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hoffa in Love

Jimmy Hoffa, to help out a laundry on strike that March 1936, stepped in the picket line and fell in love.

"I was looking," he recalled, "into the brightest damn pair of blue eyes I'd ever seen. Geez, but they crinkled in the corners when she smiled back at me. Her goddam hair was shining blond and although she was small and looked frail she walked erect and proud. I felt like I'd been fuckin' hit on the chest with a blackjack."

Jimmy jumped in line behind her.

"Better watch out." he warned her. "There's a man on your heels."

And there was.

Six months later, Jimmy and Jo drove to Bowling Green, Ohio, a town known as a place where a couple could get hitched in a jiffy. And so they did, on Saturday, September 24, 1936. Hoffa went back to work Monday.

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